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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pricks of the day....

Our house(Unser Haus)

Driving to Frankenstein

We stopped at a nature park along the way, these were growing at the base of a tree

We took a picture of this church in Frankenstein and realized there were ruins from a castle on top of the mountain in the background and decided to explore it!



Will said...

congrats to the new house.it sure looks soooo german.it's really nice.
you have to post pic's from the inside.
the area look's beautiful. enjoy your stay.

Jodi said...

So many adventures already! I'm glad you are getting settled in! Post more pictures soon!! Love, Jodi

Nicole said...

Amazing! So glad you started the blog to share with us...will look forward to seeing updates. Take care!

Libby's Kitchen said...

SO COOL! Thanks for the pics, Lita! Love you!!