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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Post a Comment to our Blog!:)

Good news! I just figured out how to change the settings on the Blog so you can post a comment as anonymous and then leave your name in the comment if you like:) Good luck!

Hello all,
I've been getting comments on my Facebook that not all of you can post comments to our blog. Brad and I decided to try it ourself by signing out and using a different browser. First of all in order to leave a comment you must either have a Blog already on Blogger.com or you can leave a comment using your Gmail account.Try these steps and let me know if it works for you.
1. Click on the COMMENT link to leave a comment
2. Type your comment out
3. Below the coment box is a down arrow with a drop down menu. If you have a Gmail account it is the SAME as a Google account, so use that one.
4. Click on the PREVIEW link(you should be directed to a new webpage that brings up a place for you to login using your Gmail email address and password)
5. After you login it should redirect you to our blog and your comment will be posted!

There are some other options for logging in in the drop down box but I can't remember all of them. I'm sorry if you want to comment and you don't have an account with any of the listed. I WOULD recommend getting a Gmail account, it is a very user friendly email and not only does it let you post comments on Blogger.com but you can also link your YOUTUBE.com account to your Gmail as well.

My favorite part about Gmail is Google Reader, it allows me to read all the blogs that I like all on one page without having to type out the blog name each time.

So if the comment works for you this time, leave me a comment and let me know! Have a great night!


john said...

thanks for this guideline.well,you have used so beautiful template for your blog.

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Guide lines are good and should be followed if you are not a spammer.

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