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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trip to Bonn, Germany

Is it really a small world? I ask myself that all the time...When we found out we were moving to Germany I got excited because I knew I had two friends here. This past weekend Brad and I were able to visit them...we had a wonderful time and got to explore more of the German culture.
My friends Florian and Holly took us to the Hotel Petersberg to see the view of Bonn and its surrounding cities. The hotel sits on top of a mountain, which reminds me...I learned that "berg" is a mountain and a "burg" is a castle. We took a narrow winding road to the top, and it was worth it! There was an "Oscars" themed event going on while we were there but Flo got us inside the hotel to have a look around. 

Me, Florian and Holly. Behind us is a view of the Rhine River.

Castles in the distance.

I forget the name of this round shaped room but it is where they have banquets.

Bill Clinton was at Hotel Petersberg at one time!
the G8 Foreign Ministers' Meeting took place at this Hotel.

We stopped for some ice cream! 
While waiting to take the ferry over the Rhine, we saw a whole bunch of four wheelers, which are street legal in Germany! Pretty cool!

Kali was a bit scared of being on a boat!

A view of Hotel Petersberg from the boat.

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