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Friday, August 19, 2011

Phase 2

Our landlord is here again today working on the front fence:

Here are some pictures from a festival in Saarbrücken:
Boat races on the Saar river  

Kids building Noah's Arks.
Noah's Ark animals
An odd truck you might expect to see in Europe....
A truck you would NOT expect to see in Europe! :)
Okay ignore my nasty hair..it was raining.  But check out what I'm holding! A German elephant ear! I forget what they were called but I got applesauce on top of mine...yummmm
See that yellow dot in the middle? Its a small kayak..they were sliding off that little jump and flipping around into the water
Scuba truck! You could pay to go scuba diving in the back of this truck.
Restaurant on water!

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