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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet the Pup

For the past few months Brad and I have been talking about getting a second dog. We threw around the idea of going to a breeder here in Germany but found out that was waaay too expensive and also many German breeders will not sell dogs to Americans. The Americans in Germany do not have a good reputation as pet owners. The majority of dogs in the shelters in this area of Germany are dogs who were abandoned by Americans. Sad, right? Well we brought the topic of a new dog up with our landlords and they were thrilled with the idea. They have 4 dogs of their own and also watch Kali whenever we travel. Our landlord G is part of an organization who rescues dogs from Spain and fosters the dogs in her home until they have a home. She told us she would be willing to work with us and find a puppy for us. To our surprise, we got a call from her about this cute little girl pictured below.
Picture taken by the gentleman who was fostering some of the pups. Ours is the one looking at the Camera

So last night we drove tho where she was staying(another person who works for the rescue organization was fostering her). She is soooo tiny! She is only 8 weeks old. The man who was taking care of her did not speak very good English but what I could make out is that the rescue organization took her and her 3 siblings away from her owners because they were drug users...my guess is they couldn't afford to pay for their drugs AND take care of puppies. So sad, but we are so excited to have her. So far she and Kali get along but Kali is having trouble sharing her toys. They do like to play together and after they do that for 20 minutes they both pass out from exhaustion!
Here are some more pictures:

Hope you enjoyed! 

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sabo_meenyo said...

i can't believe you got another dog!!! that's awesome! she's adorable!!!