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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fiddle Music!

So I decided to get out my violin and practice. Its been probably half a year since I played it last. Well, I started off with the classics but those bored me so I started playing some fiddle tunes. I'm dedicating this post to my Mom and Dad. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be playing violin today:)
P.S. Please disregard by appearance, if you can. I am wearing pajamas! haha!

This one is called Devil's Dream. The first fiddle tune I ever learned..I remember I played it with my Dad at a recital on a Sunday and I remember when Dad announced it, he said we should call it Angel's Dream(or Nightmare?) since it was a Sunday. This one's for you, Dad! :)

The title of this one is Red Haired Boy(
ittle Beggar Man). This has always been one of my favorites! My Dad always said he could never keep up with me...

This next one is an Irish jig called Farmer's Jamboree.

Another of my favorites: Pendulum Waltz.

This last one is another waltz called Gypsy Mood.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 


Nicole said...

Thanks for posting Lita! The kids and I really enjoyed listening to you play! You always amaze me! Love and miss you!

aboveallrubies said...

I forgot you played violin. This was a wonderful treat to find while checking out your blog. I'll be keeping an eye to see what you are up to in the wonderful land of Germany. :)