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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Around the house...

So just felt like taking some pictures today...
This is my chive plant! I am now obsessed with putting chives on everything! My parents used to get mad at me when I was a kid because I would chop up chives from the yard and put them in bowls of water. I called them "stews" but after a week of sitting there it would smell really bad! haha

Brad brought to my attention three overly ripe  bananas on the shelf so I decided to make these muffins. I used soy flour instead of the rice flour. Also used apple sauce in place of the grapeseed oil.

The pups taking a nap after we did some "training." Kali already knows sit but I'm teaching them both, sit, stay and to come when I whistle. So far so good. Kali picked it up after 2 tries, it took Bear a little longer but she got it eventually!

The muffins after they came out of the oven. I put mini chocolate chips on some for Brad and walnuts and raisins on the ones for me. Very tasty indeed. If you ever make these and use soy flour, don't taste the batter, soy flour does not taste good before it is baked. It has a strange raw nutty flavor but that taste went away after the muffins were baked.

These are my new favorite thing. Brad and I first found them while we were in Sicily but they also sell them in stores in Germany. Its a small chocolate filled with espresso coffee! Sooooo goood. 

Brad and I were at the Toom store(similar to the American Low's or Do It stores and pronounced "tom") and I saw these on a display outside. The purple is so pretty I had to get them...they also have a nice smell but I have no idea what kind of flowers these are. Any of you know what they are called?

this is how I crack my nuts. Couldn't find a nut cracker at the store so this is my replacement....it works the easiest with the almonds but the others are too difficult to crack.

hope you enjoyed!


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