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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lichtenberg Castle

Last weekend Brad and I visited the Lichtenberg Castle built in 1200 by two earls who really didn't have permission to be building a castle....oooh there were rebels back in the olden days too! Well the weather was very ugly, disregard the patch of blue to the upper right of the above photo. It was raining and when it would stop raining it was super windy. But even though the weather was bad, we still decided to explore the caste. We did, however decided we will visit again when the weather is better. There is also restaurant at the castle that I've been told has good food. Someone also told me they have a facility where I can hold a piano recital! 

All of the pictures are taken by Brad on his fancy Pentax.

You could go up the tower pictured above.
At one time there used to be a spiral staircase in this tower but now it is missing.
Kali just loves to explore!
Looking down over the side of the castle. This building is part of the restaurant.
Stairs leading to the top of the tower...
Inside the tower, getting ready to climb the flights of stairs...Kali is ready to go!
We're tired, Brad, we need to rest!
We all made it!
Inside the top of the tower, it was sooooo windy up there!
Looking down on the church and the German scenery...
The end!Hope you enjoyed the castle!                          
xoxo, Lita and Brad

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