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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


For the month of July and part of August Brad has been in ALS(stands for Airman Leadership School). This is a program for airmen in the United States Airforce which teaches them leadership and other things before they become staff sergeants. Basically, Brad has a ton of homework every night and on the weekends. He is working very hard and has tests and speeches every week...I am very proud of him! Even with all the homework, he still manages to have some fun...here is a picture of him owling.
Don't know what owling is? Click here.
owling on railing.
owling on the train tracks.

So while Brad has been studying and owling(haha) I have been keeping busy as well. I have a few projects going on right now. Here is the biggest project:
The cheap-fake-wood-headboard-make-over-project

I decided to decoupage old stamps and maps(Brads idea) onto the headboard to give it a unique look. So far all I have is the stamps pasted on...still looking for the right maps.

Next project is the painting I'm making to go in the living room It is not finished yet...and I'm also changing the colors:

The last project is some jewelry...probably going to be selling these at some point when they are finished. There is a penny in a couple of the pictures for size reference:
Bug(pin) and owl necklace pendants. The owl's eyes glow in the dark.
close up of details
Sweet treat necklace pendants!
  Hope you enjoyed! If you are interested in buying any jewelry you can email me at lita.luginbill@gmail.com.



Jodi said...

Awesome projects, Lita! The donuts look good enough to eat! :)

Amber said...

loving the headboard idea....can't wait to see the finished product! Oh...and the donut....so cute!

the prickly pear said...

Thanks guys!:) Yeah.I can't wait to get the headboard done..hopefully we can find some cool "old looking" maps.

GinaBena said...

Ok, Bradley is strange....I suppose this is better then planking...