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Friday, July 8, 2011

Random pictures

Here are some random photos from June and  July.

In June, Brad and I drove to Saarbrucken to go to a bicycle sale. We ended up going to a flea market and walking around the shopping district where we found these delicious eclairs!

Brad found this stuffed hawk at the flea market...he now is perched in our front room.

We took Kali to a pet show on the air base. Brad tried to get her to do some tricks....
Turns out all she wanted was treats, she didn't like walking up inclines!

 The end of June we went Europa Park
The park was separated into different countries such as Greece, Spain, Sweden etc.

This big ogre guarded the haunted house ride inside the park. You had to be careful walking past him or he might spit on you while he was talking!

Creepy...you get the idea...
The silver dome had a really fun roller coaster inside it!
This is one of the water rides in the Greece part of the park.

There was a section of the park with different people making things, this guy was my favorite:) Yay for pottery!
The woodworkers...they were amazing!
Weird troll people.

On July 1st, Brad took me to see Elton John!
The end! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
xoxo, Brad and Lita

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